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To locate a specialist lawyer firstly select a specific area of work from the 32 specialisms listed within the drop down box below. Alternatively see a specialist lawyer like Lee Solicitors - Specialist personal injury lawyers you can trust.

Thereafter you will be requested to select a location. Details of each and every firm who match the criteria that you have selected will then be listed in alphabetical order. To view specific details for each firm please select the relevant firm by clicking on their name.

The specific details will obviously include: Name of firm, Address, Phone and Fax number, Email address and finally a Website address if applicable.

Additionally you will notice that there are a number of symbols alongside each firm. Each refers to a particular additional service that the firm provides. As an example, the sign indicates that the firm provides 30 Minutes for a FREE Initial Interview. Or that signifies that the firm offers home visits by arrangement.

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Making a Complaint against your legal representative

The handling of complaints about solicitors has now passed to the Legal Ombudsman, instead of lcs Legal Complaints Service.

To complain about your solicitor please contact the Legal Ombudsman on 0300 555 0333.

To complain about a solicitor that has worked for someone else then please contact the Solicitors Regulation Authority on 0870 606 2555.

Looking to instruct a solicitor, please use the Find a solicitor

If you are a solicitor and would like advice and support on handling complaints please contact the Law Society.

Sometimes, complaints are made on behalf of people who have impaired mental capacity. (Impaired mental capacity means that someone cannot make a decision because of his or her mental state or is not able to communicate that decision, or a combination of the two.) If you make a complaint and have a court of protection order or an enduring power of attorney, we will deal with the complaint as if it were made by the client. If you do not make the complaint under either a protection order or power of attorney, we may not be able to deal with it in this way. In these circumstances, we may need to carry out some enquiries before we can make any decision to investigate the complaint. If we decide not to investigate, we will tell you. If the complaint is upheld after an investigation, the client will receive any compensation or other award

For more information regarding legal complaints see our can we help secitionLegal Complaints Service

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