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Getting injured at work can be very stressful and frustrating. Many injured workers are often given incorrect or partial information, which some insurance companies do to limit the care that the injured workers deserve. If you know your rights, you will be entitled to the right care that you deserve.

Company Doctors Do Not Always Put Your Health First

Many employers or insurance carriers want you to believe that you need to stick with the doctor that they provide because it is better for you. However, since most company doctors work for the insurance carrier, they have more interest in keeping the insurance carrier happy than their patients. Many company doctors can cut short your treatment, even if you are not fully recovered yet!


You Don't Have To Go To The Company Doctor

Many injured workers do not know that there is a law in California stating that after 30 days you have the right to change to any doctor of your choice (California Codes and Regulations 9782). You do not even have to discuss it with your employer, the company doctor, or the insurance carrier. All you need is to schedule an appointment with the new doctor and provide them with the claim number and the insurance information.


During the first thirty (30) days of work injury, you can also request a doctor or different specialty. This even includes a doctor of chiropractic. By law, workers' compensation carriers need to provide a doctor to you within five (5) days. If they fail to provide a name of a doctor, then you may go to a doctor of your choice.


You don't have to always get authorization for the employer or insurance company to see doctor of chiropractic


You only need authorization from the insurance company for the first thirty (30) days of the injury. After that time frame, you can visit any doctor of you choice. All you need is to contact the new doctor.


Employers Are Required To Pay For Care That Is Deemed "Reasonable and Necessary"


Under California law, the employer is responsible for 100% of the treatment that you, the injured worker received. What it means is that the injured worker is not responsible to pay the bill of their work injury.


Labor Code 4600: Employer shall provide the injured workers all reasonable and necessary medical (chiropractic, physical therapy, acupuncture, massage therapy, etc.) treatments to cure and/or relieve the effect of the industrial injury.


You Will Not Lose Your Job If You Report Your Work Injury


Contrary to popular belief, filing for work injury will not jeopardize his/her job. In fact, there are severe civil consequences, sometimes criminal if this is the case. The employ will be in a lot of trouble if they fire you based on the fact that you are an injured worker. It Is Unlawful To Fire You Based On Your Work Injury Claim.


You Are Putting Your Rights In Jeopardy If You Don't File and Waiting Will Only Delay Your Recovery


If you are injured at work and treatment with medication/physical therapy has not help you condition, you have the right to change. Studies have shown that chiropractic has better results than physical therapy and pain medication alone. Waiting will only delay healing and it may leave long last scar tissues.


Make Sure To Choose A Doctor That Specialize In Dealing With Injured Work Or Else

Since workers compensation is ever changing and is time-sensitive system, you need to find a doctor that is familiar with the worker's compensation system. Choosing the right doctor will be essential to protect you from any delay or denied treatments from the insurance company.

We are Dr.'s John, Ken, and Ben DUONG and we are Chiropractors specially trained in treating injured workers and are intimately familiar with the Worker's Compensation System.

We would like to help you, the injured worker to get the necessary treatments that you need and deserve.


You Have Made Your Company A Lot Of Money, It Is Time For Them To Take Care Of Your Health!

To schedule an appointment and a free consultation with the doctor to discuss your problem, call (510) 796-1288 in Fremont or (510) 818-1668 in Newark. We have two convenient locations to serve the injured workers of the East Bay.

This article is designed for general information about the rules in most work-related injury cases. If you have any specific legal question, you should contact an attorney that specialize in workers' compensation cases.


How To Choose a Treating Physician For Your Work Injury Case

You can designate your treating doctor in advance by giving your employer a Pre-designation form in case of future work injury, so you can go to that doctor immediately.

What To Do If You Want To Claim For Work Injury:

1.Notify you employer/manager/HR/supervisor immediately.

2.Fill out DWC-1 form (Employer must provide this form within 24 hours of known injury.)

3.Call our clinic and set-up an appointment with us at (510) 796-1288 in Fremont for treatment of your injury.

Internet Special

We have written an informational booklet for the injured workers. If you are interested in getting this booklet you can email us

WARNING: Making a false or fraudulent workers compensation claim is a felony subject to up to five years in prison or a fine of up to £50,000 or double the value of the fraud, whichever is greater, or by both imprisonment and fine.


Making a Complaint against your legal representative

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Sometimes, complaints are made on behalf of people who have impaired mental capacity. (Impaired mental capacity means that someone cannot make a decision because of his or her mental state or is not able to communicate that decision, or a combination of the two.) If you make a complaint and have a court of protection order or an enduring power of attorney, we will deal with the complaint as if it were made by the client. If you do not make the complaint under either a protection order or power of attorney, we may not be able to deal with it in this way. In these circumstances, we may need to carry out some enquiries before we can make any decision to investigate the complaint. If we decide not to investigate, we will tell you. If the complaint is upheld after an investigation, the client will receive any compensation or other award

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